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LEA Plan

The Local Education Agency Plan developed for RUSD describes the actions the District will take to ensure that student academic services are designed to increase student achievement and performance.
This plan has been updated and was approved at the April 17, 2012 Board of Education Meeting. The RUSD LEA Plan is a requirement for receiving federal funding sub-grants for NCLB programs.
The major steps taken to develop the LEA Plan include updating district characteristics, analyze student performance and other relevant data, establish performance targets, review available resources and identify specific plans for improvement.
The Plan includes specific descriptions and assurances as outlined in the provisions included in NCLB.
The LEA Plan includes the actions that RUSD has taken to meet programmatic requirements, including coordination of services, needs assessments, consultations, school choice, supplemental services, services to homeless students and others, as requires. In addition, the LEA Plan summarizes assessment data, school goals, district activities and activities from the Single Plan for Student Achievement developed by RUSD schools.

*Attached is the REVISED LEA Plan below.