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Thank you for your interest in the Rowland Unified School District. Our nearly 2000 staff

members commit their time and talent to the education of the youth of our community. Our

employees are valued for their attention to service, their care for others, and the quality of their

work, their willingness to lead, their ability to solve problems, and their spirit as members of a

hard working team.


In Rowland, we believe all employees regardless of title have an important role to play in the

preparation of our students to meet the challenges of a new century. We believe in providing

safe, orderly, and clean working conditions for students and staff. We have developed a

comprehensive, broad-based instructional program that challenges students at every grade

level to meet high state standards. We believe students must be thinkers, problem solvers, and

team members in order to succeed in this century. We understand that we are part of a larger

society and welcome parents and community members into our schools. We consider our

youth to be the most valuable asset of our community.


I trust that your experience in Rowland will be successful and challenging. I consider the field of

education a most noble undertaking that contributes greatly to the future of our country. I am

pleased to welcome you to Rowland and look forward to the contributions you will make in

helping us transform our beliefs into a reality for our young people.



Dennis Bixler

Assistant Superintendent

Human Resources