Welcome to the Rowland Unified School District Purchasing Services Department
The Purchasing Services Department purchases, produces, prints, warehouses and delivers most of the goods consumed in the Rowland Unified School District.

The Purchasing staff is here to help you. Please allow us to use our purchasing expertise on your behalf for all your supply and service needs. If you have any purchasing questions or needs, please contact the Purchasing Department.
1.  Continue to support the improvement of student academic achievement through:
  • Delivering educational materials in a timely manner to all school sites;
  • Ordering materials as soon as they are requisitioned;
  • Professional growth and development for Purchasing staff to learn best practices used at other districts in order to improve the way our department services school sites; and
  • Increased family and community involvement by helping out at school sites with various projects, such as Family Resource Center food distribution on Saturdays.
2.  Recruit and retain high quality personnel for all positions in order to create stability and continuity of services.
3.  Provide a safe, positive, healthy environment with educational learning facilities that promote learning and wellness for all, by purchasing products which promote wellness and assisting building services with requisitioning of process to complete district-wide projects.
4.  Promote effective communication and fiscal responsibility to school sites by educating them in purchasing best practices.

Vendors and contractors are encouraged to visit the Vendors page or contact Purchasing directly to request information regarding doing business with the district.
Public Works Contracts

As a condition of bidding and in accordance with the provisions of Section 20111.5 of the California Public Contract Code, the District requires that prospective bidders, on certain projects, submit a completed prequalification questionnaire and financial statement.

The District has also implemented Informal Bidding procedures pursuant to Public Contract Code 22034 for projects with an estimated construction cost value under $200,000. Contractors must submit a prequalification application prior to bidding on a project. Please visit the Pre-Qualification Application page for more information.

Current Projects (links)