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The RUSD Translator/Interpreters, offers professional services to the schools and departments of the Rowland Unified School District, so families and community have equitable access to information and resources about their children’s education.


We offer two types of services:


Interpretation (oral interpretation): Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of RUSD-sponsored meetings is available.


Translation (translation of written documents): to and from Spanish, Mandarin and Korean. These services include: a library of translated document templates frequently used by schools; an English/Spanish glossary of terms commonly used by RUSD schools; and proofreading of documents translated by other departments or school staff.


Sandra Guzman


Rita Yee

Stacy Kim









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   Inquiries and General Information: Special Projects/GATE
  Ana Manzanares, Administrative Secretary   626-854-8392  [email protected]
   Silvia L. Rivas, Director   626-854-8390   [email protected]


Guidelines for Submitting a work order for Interpretation or Translation Services


For Interpretation: Email the applicable person listed above to check for availability at least 15 working days prior to the meeting date. If the Translator is not available, please contact Ana Manzanares for assistance.


For Translation: Submit a work order for translation services by email or through district mail (see attachment) All requests are on a first come, first served basis and allow a 10 day-work week turnaround. However, turnaround times depend on the amount of the text to be translated, complexity of language and current workload. For example, if you have a large text that is required at the beginning of each school year, please submit it to the appropriate translator at the end of the prior school year to ensure you will receive in a timely manner. Please complete the entire form and submit one form for each job and submit via District Mail to the Office of Special Projects/GATE. (PDF at bottom of this page)


Interpreter Equipment: The Special Projects/GATE office has additional interpreter cases for check-out upon request.


Interpretation, Translation & Interpreter Equipment Procedures




Interpretation Request



Translation Request





Via email to the applicable person

(15 working days in advance)




Submit completed Translation Request form

(1 form for each project)




Confirmation or Decline

   Will be emailed to you within 24 hours during normal working days.



Submit documents:

Legible copy of documents to be translated in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher or Excel Formats




Once Confirmed:

Supply the District Translator all materials and background information required for your  presentation/conference via email, so they can prepare.



The Translator will contact you via email for you to email them the documents for translation, so please email to them as soon as possible, otherwise they will proceed to the next request.




  Make sure your interpreter communicates the exact meeting location, including room number/name,  expected number of people in need of interpretation services



Word Count                        Regular Business Day

            If less than 1,000 words                        2 - 4 Days

             1,001 – 5000 words                             4 - 8 days


For ANY reports (Psychoeducational/SLP Reports) or Documents larger than 10 pages, please allow 3-4 weeks




Interpreter Equipment Check-Out


IEP Request


Please contact Ana Manzanares

at the Special Projects/GATE office to make    arrangement for pick-up and signing out the equipment. All schools and Department are responsible for returning the equipment back to the Office of Special Projects/GATE during normal business hours so it can be checked back into the department.


1. Fill out the appropriate "Written Translation Request form".          (PDF Below)


2. Make sure that the IEP has been finalized


3. Make sure that the Translation Requested box is checked


4. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for translation to be completed. Once translation is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation


5. If a hard copy of an IEP was provided, it will be returned to the requester once translation is completed.


An IEP will be translated only if the required form is sent to our Department.