An Interdistrict Transfer Agreement (District to District) formal agreements between Rowland Unified School District and other districts allow for the transfer of students between districts, in accordance with Education Code (EC) 48204, the approval to attend outside of the district of residency is not mandatory. 
Interdistrict Transfer Agreements (Rowland USD residents) who would like to enroll in another district, must complete and submit an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement application provided below. For more information please contact us: (626) 935-8284. 
If your reason is due to "Child Care and/or Employment", you will need to complete and provide the required verification documents mentioned on page two (2) of the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement. 
If you have "other reason", please provide your reason on page two (2) of the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement or attach an addendum. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  
You can email the completed Interdistrict Transfer Agreement and required additional documents (if applicable) to:
The Interdistrict Transfer Agreement Application for the 2024-2025 school year will be available starting April 8, 2024.