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Health Benefits

Rowland Unified School District offers a variety of benefit options to eligible employees and their dependents.  The information presented here provides an overview of the plans available.  For further assistance, please contact Risk Management at 626-854-8382.
Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines
If you are a regular full-time employee working at least 30 hours per week (75% Classified and 50% Certificated), you and your eligible dependents are eligible for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage.  Eligible dependents include: 
  • Legally married spouse
  • Registered domestic partner
  • Children under the age of 26 (natural, adopted, stepchildren)
  • Certified disabled children over the age of 26.  
As an eligible employee, you may enroll at the following times:
  • As a new hire: within 60 days of hire date. 
  • Each year during open enrollment
  • Within 30 days of a qualifying event as defined by the IRS. (Contact us as soon as possible when you have a qualifying event)
                 * Marriage, divorce, legal separation
                 * Child support order
                 * Birth or adoption
                 * Death of a spouse or child
                 * Loss of coverage from another health plan
                 * Move
Paying for your coverage
You and the District share in the cost of the Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits.  Your cost for coverage will vary depending on the option and level of coverage you choose.  Use the calculators below to calculate your health insurance cost.  
2024 Benefits Calculators
We offer ten medical plans to choose from.  Choosing your health plan is an important decision.  To assist you with this process, each health plan available through the CalPERS has produced a Summary of Benefits and Coverage.   
There are two dental plan options through Delta Dental Insurance.  When it comes to dental plans, you want to select a plan with benefits that fit the needs of you and your family.  Delta Dental PPO and HMO plans offer comprehensive dental coverage while retaining quality care and excellent customer service.  Each plan has its own advantages. 
About the PPO Plan
Delta Dental PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization plan that gives you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist.  To provide the lowest out-of-pocket cost, however, you are encouraged to seek care from a PPO network dentist.  The PPO Plan includes diagnostic and preventative care and has an annual maximum of $1,500 per family member.
About the HMO Plan
Delta Care HMO (also referred to as PMI or DHMO) offers cost-effective, comprehensive benefits through an established HMO network.  To provide the lowest out-of-pocket cost, the plan requires enrollees to select a participating dentist within the DeltaCare DHMO network.  There are no maximums on general services when you are covered by the DeltaCare DHMO plan. 



Contact Information

Delta Dental PPO 888-335-8227

Delta Care HMO 800-422-4234




Vision care is just as critical as medical care. The eyes can be a key to identifying other health-related issues you may have. RUSD's Vision plan is through EyeMed.  The Plan allows each member a vision exam, frames, and lenses every 12 months. Employees will receive richer benefits if an in-network provider is utilized. 


EyeMed Contact Information

(800) 521-3605


Basic Life Insurance
Life insurance protects your family or other beneficiaries in the event of your death while you are still actively employed with the company. Rowland Unified School District pays for coverage, offered through MetLife. If your death is due to a covered accident or injury, your beneficiary will receive an additional amount through Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.