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Heat Illness Prevention


What is the heat index?

When summer heat intensifies, all eyes are focused on the temperature.  But often, it is the heat index that should draw more concern.  It is a better indicator of the intensity of the heat and the dangers it can present to people. The heat index is a combination of temperature and humidity.  It measures how hot it feels outside when humidity and other factors are considered along with the temperature. 


When the heat index reaches 105 degrees or above, Principals should prepare for indoor physical activity in an air-conditioned environment and follow the Heat Index Guidelines below. These guidelines are not to be considered exhaustive.  Reason and good judgment must be used at each site to protect students and staff.


  1. Enter your location zip code
  2. Look for the Heat Index indicator
2023 Updates: 
In June 2023, the Caliornia Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued supplemental health guidance for schools and local communities based on the level of Heat Risk. 
HeatRisk tool is a color-numeric-based index that provides a forecast of the potential level of risk for heat-related impacts to occur over each day (24-hour period). The latest version of the HeatRisk tool incorporates heat-health data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to influence the local thresholds and inform the approach. That level of risk is illustrated by a color/number, along with identifying the groups potentially most at risk at that level.
To check the level of Heat Risk: 
Click on the magnifier icon and type in your address location 
We incorporated this new guidance to supplement our current practice.