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Workers Compensation

What to do if you get hurt on the job? 
  • Call 911 if emergency medical treatment is needed
  • For non-life-threatening, contact the Company Nurse at (877) 230-9691. The company Nurse will complete an intake call and determine if you need medical treatment. If you need medical treatment, the Company Nurse will send authorization to Concentra or Kaiser On-The-Job. You will need to complete the DWC-1 and return it to your Supervisor ASAP. If you are not referred for treatment, please follow the advice provided to you by Company Nurse and return to your usual and customary duties. If symptoms change, please call Company Nurse.

(If your injury requires that you receive initial medical treatment on an emergency basis, including being transported by 911 personnel, the DWC-1 form should be completed as soon as you are able to do so.)

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