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Application Process


The following instructions are provided to assist you in completing the application and to expedite the application and examination process.

Job Announcement:
Please review the “Qualifications” section of the job announcement. Your application will be evaluated as to the minimum qualifications listed on the job announcement. Only those applicants meeting the requirements listed will be invited to test for the position.

Please complete neatly, accurately, and completely. If filling out a paper application, make sure to print in ink or type, sign and date. If you complete the online application, make sure you receive e-mail verification that your application has been received. Even if you include a resume, either in person or online, you must still complete the work history and education sections of the application. Incomplete applications will result in your disqualification from the recruitment process.

Submitting your application:
All application materials must be received by the Personnel Commission located at 1830 Nogales Street, Rowland Heights, no later than 4:30 p.m. on the last date to apply as noted on the job announcement. If applying online, please make sure you have received an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received prior to this time.

When you turn in your application, please let us know if you have a physical limitation that needs accommodation during the test process.

After your application has been received:
After your application has been received, it is screened against the “Qualifications” listed on the job announcement bulletin. All applicants who have shown that they meet the minimum qualifications will be notified of the date of the first examination part via e-mail. All applicants who have been deemed to not meet the minimum requirements will also be notified of the reason for their disqualification via e-mail. All applicants should receive some notification no later than 2 weeks after the closing date posted on the job announcement bulletin (also posted online).

Criminal Background Check:

By law, a clear criminal background check is required for hiring.  Failure to declare any felony or misdemeanor conviction on the District application form will be cause for non-hire.