Classified Professional Growth


Guidelines for Requesting Professional Growth Funds


In-Service/Conference/Workshop/Training Session

In requesting reimbursement, the employee must complete the application and state the purpose for the request. The course title must be included, and it would be helpful if a flyer of the event was attached to the request form. Also, the employee must state what he/she hopes to gain by attending the event. It must be related to the employee’s current job, or be related to another position within the District. Personal growth may also be considered, but it must be related to enhancing those skills that would enhance the employee’s performance. In order to be considered for approval, the employee must submit the request form at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.

School Registration

The employee may request reimbursement for registration for a class taken at an accredited school/junior college/university provided the employee completes the course and passes with a “C” or better. Prior to enrolling, the employee must submit the request form and receive approval. The class must be related to the employee’s current position, or be related to another position in the District.

Department or Group Consultant

A department or group in a division may request funds to pay for the services of a consultant. The purpose must meet an expressed need by the participants, and be related to their current jobs or related to working conditions/relationships.  Supervisor permission must be obtained, and an Independent Contractor form must be completed and approved by the division head.


Employees interested in requesting professional growth funds will be permitted one approved request during the current school year the request is made. Employees seeking funds for events July 1st and during the summer may request funds in June.  The maximum amount for any one request for events and course reimbursement will be $275.00. The requests will be handled on a first-come first-served basis, and the Committee will continue to fund requests until the funds are depleted. The Committee determined that, to have enough funds to cover conference fees, certain items will not be funded. Those items are: substitute costs, travel/mileage costs, books, meals/materials (unless the cost is included in the registration fee) or parking fees.


An employee seeking reimbursement for funds must submit the form at least two (2) weeks prior to the event or course. The employee will be notified that we have received the request for professional growth funds. Prior to reimbursement of professional growth funds, we must receive:

            1. The original receipt showing payment for the class or seminar registration.

            2. If attending a class, the report showing a grade of “C” or better.

            3. If attending a seminar, verification of attendance such as hand-outs, certificate, parking receipt, agenda, etc.

This information should be sent to Ocean Wallin, Human Resources -  (626) 854-8337 or [email protected]  .