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REACH Preschool

Rowland Education Assessment Center at Hollingworth (REACH)


The Rowland Education Assessment Center @ Hollingworth (R.E.A.C.H) is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluations for preschool children using current evidence-based practices. Children’s strengths and areas of need are measured through developmental assessment activities as well as standardized measures. Our goal is to determine eligibility for special education services by identifying a child’s unique educational needs. We are committed to working collaboratively with families to ensure children are prepared to reach their highest learning potential. 

If a preschool aged child is found eligible for special education services, the district provides special education programs for preschool children from age three to five years of age. The emphasis is on a language-based developmental model which emphasizes meeting the developmental needs of the child. The curriculum is designed to maximize the young child's social, cognitive, language, motor, and independent skills in order to be successful.


Petra Briones, Specialist



Mary Haggard, School Psychologist

(626) 854-8520 x1289 - Direct Line

(626) 238-3206 - Work Cell 


Cynthia Balanza, School Psychologist

Shelyn Elementary  M, W, Th (909) 444-0584 ext. 2052

Blandford Elementary  Tu, F (626) 965-3410 ext. 4034 


Peggy Baghdikian, School Psychologist

Hollingworth Elementary (Preschool) x1291 


Maria Clements, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1257 


Alex Perea, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1259 


Alyssa Versteeg, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1258 


Amy Kim, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1255 


James Choi, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1237 


Zandy Galan, Education Specialist

(626) 854-8520 x1259


Hana Elali, Speech and Language Pathologist

(626) 854-8520 x1293 


Joanne Santos, Speech and Language Pathologist

Hurley Elementary  M, W, Th, F (626) 854-8520 x4323

Rowland Elementary  Tues. (626) 854-8520 x5714