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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What happens if I'm not home to receive my child after school? 
If no one is home to receive your child when the driver arrives, the driver will continue with the route, keeping your child on the bus until the other children have been transported. The driver will make a second attempt to leave your child at your home. If no one is home after the second attempt, the driver will return the child to his/her school site if applicable. 
2. Why does it take up to three to five business days to begin transportation services for my child? When new students are added to existing routes, the pick-up and drop-off times changes for the entire route. Parents also need information as quickly as possible to adjust to changing pick-up and drop-off times. The driver also needs information about their children before transporting them. The three-day processing time between notice and start of transport allows for necessary information processing.
3. Why must my child be on the bus so long? 
Door-to-door service requires the drivers to go to multiple locations over a large geographic area, and transport students to locations that are often far away from the child's home attendance school. 
4. Whom do I call when I have questions or concerns? If you have questions or concerns about transportation services for your child, please call Transportation Service's main line at (626) 965-5719.