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Traffic Safety

Dear Parents:


The safety of our students, staff and community members at school sites is critical. The California Highway Patrol has been contacted due to traffic safety concerns related to the drop-off and pick-up hours at our school sites.


This is to remind everyone of a few California Vehicle Code laws that will be enforced around our schools by the California Highway Patrol.  Violations can result in court penalties ranging from $100 to $350:


  • CVC 22350 – Illegal to exceed 25 m.p.h. in a school zone
  • CVC 21650  – Illegal to drive into opposing lanes to pass stopped vehicles
  • CVC 21654  – Illegal to impeding traffic by stopping in lanes or double parking
  • CVC 21950  – Illegal to drive through intersection with students in any part of a crosswalk
  • CVC 21955  – Illegal for students to run across street without a crosswalk
  • CVC 21970  – Illegal to block crosswalks/driveways/sidewalks or park on red curbs
  • CVC 21461  – Illegal to disobey “no parking” or “no stopping” signs
  • CVC 21515  – Illegal to leave your vehicle while it is running
  • CVC 22517  – Illegal to open your car doors into the lanes of traffic
  • CVC 27001  – Illegal to use your vehicle’s horn other than to warn of danger


If you have any questions about the procedures for dropping off or picking up your child, contact their school or call the Rowland School Police Department at (626) 935-8480.


**Translated into Spanish in document below.