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We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions in order to assist you.
What happens once I have submitted my application?
Once we have received your paper or Edjoin application we will forward the information to the school or site with a vacancy. Once the school or site has reviewed the applications someone will contact the qualified candidates for an interview. Please make sure we always have current contact information.
How long is my application on file?
All applications are kept on file for one year.

What do I need to bring for my fingerprint appointment?
For fingerprinting appointments you must bring in your Social Security Card, Driver's License and Cashier's Check or Money Order, we DO NOT accept cash or personal checks.

What forms will be needed to change my name?
For name changes you must bring in your original document stating the new name change (i.e. marriage certificate) new driver's license and social security card with your new name. You will need to come in to the Personnel office and fill out a name/address change form and all other forms provided by the Human Resources staff.
How often must I get a Tuberculosis Test?
Once every four years we will need an updated Tuberculosis test, Human Resources will send out notices and any necessary forms that need to be completed by the clinic.
How can I request a copy of my transcipts?
Please email your request for transcripts and someone will contact you when they are ready for pick up.

How do I renew my credential?
All credentials must be renewed online, please use the link below.
Where do I get retirement information?
For Classified Employees, please use the link below.
For Certificated Employees, please use the link below.
Where do I find information regarding job vacancies?
To see a listing of the current job openings and apply for a certificated (teaching) positions, please visit 
To see a listing of current classified (non-teaching) job openings and apply to a classified position
You may also download an application and FAX it to (626) 854-8311. If you have any questions regarding the application process, contact the Human Resources Division for teaching positions (626) 854-8381.  If you have questions regarding the application process for classified (non-teaching) positions contact (626) 854-8388.