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Homelink Registration



To keep you informed on your student’s academic progress and status, Rowland Unified is pleased to offer you a tool where you can view your student’s information from our school database called Rowland Homelink.  You can access the Rowland Homelink sign-in screen at http://aeries.rowlandschools.org/homelinkThrough our secure server, you will be able to view your student’s grades, unofficial transcripts, attendance records, class schedule, progress toward completion of graduation requirements and emergency contact information throughout the school year.


Every parent/guardian must use this account to update all existing student demographic and contact information. A letter was mailed this summer with the information necessary to log into Rowland Homelink through any internet connection.


The following information is required prior to creating a Rowland Homelink account:


  • Email Account
  • Student Permanent identification number: A unique number assigned to each student, provided in this letter.
  • Valid Area Code & Telephone Number: Visit your school to set up an account if you do not have a telephone number.
  • Verification Code: A random code containing numbers and uppercase letters, provided in the letter mailed.




  1. Log On to Rowland Homelink: Create a New Account with your email address and password you create.

You can access the Rowland Homelink sign-in screen at http://aeries.rowlandschools.org/homelink.  You may also access the website through the Rowland Unified Mobile App on Apple or Android Devices. If you need assistance setting up an email account or accessing a computer, please contact your school for times set aside to assist parents/guardians at your child’s school.


  1. Accessing Your Student’s Information:

The first time you log into your account this summer, you will be directed through a series of steps to review and/or update all information for your child.  Review the information carefully and make sure everything is current.


After completing this review/update process, you will be given access to a number of tabbed choices including Student Info, Attendance and Grades. All information will remain current throughout the school year. You will be able to view or print any of the information.


Important:  Transcripts printed from the Rowland Homelink are unofficial and will not be accepted by other schools or colleges.  For additional information and interpretation of transcripts, please contact your student’s counselor.


  1. Logging out:

A Change Password and Logout is located toward the top right of the screen. Please note:  All information is current. Rowland Homelink will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.  It is imperative that you log out and close the internet browser when you have finished using Rowland Homelink on a public computer (any non-home computer).  Failing to close the internet browser may make your student’s personal record available to users who use the computer after you. They may be able to view and/or print out information contained in your student’s personal record.


Thank you.  We hope that this additional access will be helpful to you and to your student for academic success!