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Student Success Story -- Chun Yin Put Takes Advantage of Rowland Adult Ed Offerings

Student Success Story: Chun Yin Put
At 62 years young, Chun Yin Put’s love of learning is contagious. Since 2004, this star student could be found daily in classes at Rowland Adult Ed from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.! He was awarded today a special certificate for his accomplishment of completing 5,784 hours of ESL Classes.
 “He is one of the most dedicated, determined students I’ve had. He is always focused on helping other people – if he can contribute in some small way, he does,” says ESL Teacher Cindy Clark. “His only break every day is to watch the TV Show Judge Judy – he’s quite a fan!” Chun laughs and says Judge Judy is his “other English Teacher!”
Chun grew up in Hong Kong, where he raised his four children being a taxi driver. He is now returning to his home, where he plans to volunteer and share his English skills with people in the rural areas of China. “I am thankful to Uncle Sam. You don’t pay a penny to learn here in the U.S. and if you apply yourself, great rewards can come to you. I would tell everyone don’t waste time, learn!” He looks forward to spending time with his seven grandsons and promises to keep in touch with his fellow students and teachers.
**The community is invited to see first-hand the variety of classes offered at Rowland Adult and Community Education at Open House on Wednesday, March 11 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Located at 2100 Lerona Avenue, Rowland Heights. (626)965-5975
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