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Nogales High School Junior Receives National Award

Seattle, WA – June 1, 2017 – Mildred Mayorga, a junior at Nogales High School in La Puente, CA, is one of 35 students selected for the Alexander Hamilton Scholar Award, a national recognition for superior community service and academic achievement. This is the 13th year the award has been presented by Alexander Hamilton Scholars, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington. The purpose of the Hamilton Award is to recognize high school students for their academic, personal, service, and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Winners of the Alexander Hamilton Award are high-achieving, service-oriented high-school juniors who embody Hamiltonian principles of character and leadership through service. 

This recognition by Alexander Hamilton Scholars is just the beginning. Award winners will complete a rigorous 5-year program designed to empower each Scholar to be successful in college and career, and will attend yearly conferences called Leader Weeks. The first of these Leader Weeks will take place in New York City, July 15-20, 2017; the second in Seattle, WA, June, 2018; the third in Guatemala, August, 2019; and the fourth in Dallas, TX, October, 2020. The entire program is offered at no cost to Scholars.

As an eating disorder survivor, Mildred has challenged the unfair demands placed on young girls and women by promoting positive body image and self-acceptance. In 2016, she formed Active Minds, an organization that promotes knowledge, inclusion, and social awareness. Among the issues explored are immigration, the state of education for poor and disenfranchised populations, race and ethnic relations, and women's issues, as well as planning for events like LGBTQ Pride Week. Mildred will be the first person in her family to attend a four-year university and she plans to pursue a medical career.

Hamilton Scholars is named for Alexander Hamilton, the founding father whose story of overcoming personal loss and economic hardship to rise to prominence continues to inspire and resonate with ambitious young people facing similar life circumstances in America today. As a result of mentorship, guidance, and a scholarship to attend college, Hamilton was able to leave a lasting legacy that forever changed the United States. With AHS’ support, their Scholars strive to do the same.

"This year, the award was very competitive. AHS received the most applications in our history by 20 percent from incredible young people across the nation,” said George T. Cox, Founder and Senior Director of Alexander Hamilton Scholars. “Our goal is to identify young people who have set high standards for citizenship and success in their lives. We are very excited about Mildred’s potential for future greatness. The La Puente community is lucky to have Mildred as a resident.”

AHS empowers their Scholars to succeed in college and career by providing a comprehensive network of support and practical guidance to Scholars through life’s transitions. The program is structured around 5 Pillars of Success: Transition, Heritage, Empowerment, Financial Literacy, and Leadership, and ensures that Scholars enroll in and graduate from a college commensurate to their ability with manageable debt and a clear plan for their futures. This support helps individual Scholars as they pursue their ambitious goals.

It also empowers these Scholars to generate long-term, systemic improvements in their communities that will create sustainable, positive change on a nationwide scale. One thing that sets Hamilton Scholars apart from other college and career training programs is a curriculum that encourages Scholars to think about how they engage with the world, what social impact they want to have, and how they can be leaders of their communities going forward. In short, it is not just about Mildred and the Scholars that participate in the AHS program. Rather, it is about giving these Scholars the necessary tools to succeed so they, in turn, can pass these same tools on to others.

For more information about Alexander Hamilton Scholars and their program, visit their website:

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