Students Win Awards at County Fair

(Janet Dovidio Column)

Congratulations to the award winners from the Rowland Unified School District (RUSD) in the Los Angeles County Fair school entries division.

There were 54 winners from Blandford, Jellick, Killian, Oswalt, Rorimer, Shelyn, Ybarra, Yorbita, Alvarado and Santana.

Entries were either by an individual student or a group of students, and were supervised by teachers. The competition included the areas of science, math, industrial technology, social studies, history, creative writing, video, photography and textiles.

Yvonne Sandoval of Alvarado Intermediate won a first place for her math Park Project, under the direction of Dr. Donald Price.

Samuel Navarro of Santana High School earned a first place for his coat rack, and was guided by teacher Michael Till.

The names of all the projects are too numerous to include in this column, but the winning students, classes and teachers will be named for their well-deserved recognitions.

Blandford students Andrew Esguerra and Stephanie Kuo each received third-place awards, under the direction of teachers Dennis Lam and Marcia Mardis.

There were four students honored from Jellick: William Hu, Michelle David, Hannah Hernandez and Sean Alberto.

All are students of Tracy Do.

Killian's fourth-grade class of Charles Marquez earned an honorable mention for its history team project and report.

Oswalt's third-grade class taught by Barbara Walters earned a second place for its illustrated writing project.

Oswalt's third-grade class taught by Terri Hernandez earned a first place, best of class, and best of division awards for a quilt entry.



Awards were earned by 19 students from Rorimer Elementary. Some were group projects, while others were individual. All Rorimer students were guided by teacher Linda Oaks.

Congratulations to the individual students who won awards: Damaris Duran, Rebecca Lopez, Aldo Morales-Ramirez and Jimmy Yasahura.

Congratulations also to the Weaving Team; Quilt Teams 1, 2 and 3; Aquatic Habitat Team; Homeroom Water Team; ELD Class; Scarecrow Team; Three Homeroom Classes; Digital Photography Class; Video Team; and the collective writing of many Rorimer students for the Royal Review.

There were eight winners from Shelyn. Four were students taught by Joy Parker They were Melody Whipkey, Amber Li, Tiffany Ho and Kristine Jiao.

Two winning Shelyn students were taught by Kathryn Andrade. They were Alyssa Mesa and Kyle Wang. Jeannie Huang was a student in Sharon Siedlecki's class.

The final Shelyn award went to the fourth-grade class of Marie Louise Stellmacher.

Two RUSD winners hailed from Ybarra Elementary. Tiffany Yang was taught by Lori Galt, while Hannah Cueto was a student in the class of Julie Sosa.