Interview with Superintendent Dr. Maria Ott and Blue Ribbon Schools Blandford & Killian Featured


Hi Maria? How are you?

Hi All,
Maria Ott, superintendent from Rowland Unified visited the Tribune's office a few weeks to record a podcast (that's coming later) and to answer some questions. She's pretty new around the SGV - before her current position, she was just down the road at Los Angeles Unified. I'm sure is she is finding the Rowland Unified world a bit easier.
Click on the link below and read her thoughts.
Apparently, the salad bars at the schools are fantastic. Perhaps I should have lunch with the kids and skip my weekly Souplantation trip.
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Local Honors

Four schools - Blandford Elementary and Killian Elementary in Rowland Unified and Quail Summit Elementary and Westhoff Elementary in Walnut-Valley Unified - received the the Blue Ribbon Schools distinction today.

California had 27 schools of the 287 schools nationwide to earn this year’s honor. The national Blue Ribbon Schools honor goes to schools that meet either of two criteria -- scoring at a very high level on achievement tests or making significant progress in closing the achievement gap for disadvantaged children.

Basically - these schools have bragging rights for the next year and also one more way to attract new students.