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Shirley Kaufman Memorial Fund Teacher Awards Presented

Shirley Kaufman Memorial Fund Teacher Awards: The Shirley Kaufman Memorial Fund was established in 1990 by her husband, Sumner Kaufman, and his family as a testimony to Shirley’s outstanding contributions to the education of students and to the inspiration of teachers in the Rowland Unified School District. Shirley taught in RUSD for 22 years. The Kaufman family, Rowland Council PTA and the District are particularly interested in strong programs initiated at the school sites that will demonstrate innovative and effective ways to meet students' needs and increase their involvement and motivation to learn.  The goal of the program is to support teachers who use their creativity to develop projects that go “over and above” within the district.

Congratulations to the following RUSD teachers:

·        Karoll Joson, Hollingworth School (“Claymation Nation” – to blend creativity, interpretation, collaboration and technology. The app iMotion HD on the iPad mini will be used to create stop-motion effect for amateur film making. Students will use clay projects for animation to create and explain a unit or chapter from Science of Social Studies.)

·        Darlene McGrady, Oswalt Academy (Boom microphone stands available for school and District performances.)

·        Daniele M. Jenkins, Ybarra Academy (The use of three tablets will help students research, transfer data and facilitate group work in IB classes. In addition, it will be used as an intervention tool for at-risk students).

·        Sandy Orduno, Nogales High School (With 9 whiteboards and markers with erasers, the goal is to give students a greater opportunity to work in groups, sharing their knowledge and the ability to have up to four students working together at the same time.)

·        Clare Ruesga, Rowland High School (Students will get to use a portable microscope – a ProScope Micro Mobile for iPad Kit to explore their environment both in Biology and Earth Science.

·        Laura (Dent) Hier, Rowland High School (Using software and pen/touch tablet and Ink 2 Go, it will greatly augment teaching, student learning and retention by recording video tutorials of teacher lessons and employing technology in innovative ways.)

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