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SoCal School District Breaks Ground on New CNG Station for Its Buses, Public

In converting its fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas, Rowland Unified School District is building a CNG station for its bus fleet and for the public.

School district officials broke ground on the station Oct. 30, but held a formal media ceremony this week. The new station, which will include two storage tanks, is expected to be completed between late January and mid-February, said Transportation Director Keith Moore.

The bus yard will have two storage tanks: one located at the front that will serve the public, with pumps operating at a fast-fill rate, and a second inside to serve the 15 CNG buses in the fleet. District officials said the station would be able to fill 25 buses in a 10-hour period.

“My district's Board of Education has been very supportive of this project, and I’m all for it. The [CNG] buses are running good, and I love it,” he said. “It takes the dirty buses out of the equation.”

rowland-usd-moorecngThe remaining 28 yellow buses in the fleet are diesel and gasoline. Moore began converting his fleet in 2011. With funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the stimulus package, he was able to purchase four CNG special needs buses. Click HERE for entire story!

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