JNel Williams, right, and Nick Phillips check out the new classroom learning unit that combines large white boards with massive storage units. ( Staff photo by Watchara Phomicinda)

The Jellick Jaguars were roaring with delight as they proudly showed off their newly renovated school on March 14.

The Rowland Heights school welcomed friends and neighbors with a great pancake breakfast. The elementary students greeted visitors under an arch of colorful balloons.

The kids took the smiling parents on a tour of the remodeled facility, proudly pointing out the grand improvements.

Students and staff were glad to be back home. They had moved to the empty Farjardo campus so work crews could focus on the renovation.

"Packing everything up for the move twice was the hardest part," explained special education teacher Libby Fadden.

But now, everyone thinks it was well worth the trouble. They have new classrooms to learn in.

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