Nancy Ballantyne

Nancy Ballantyne has dedicated 32 years to the Rowland Unified School District as a psychologist and coordinator for the Rowland Unified School District.

Ballantyne, of West Covina, will retire from the district in June but not without leaving behind a legacy for others to follow.

"I feel that the most important thing I can do is to empower people to help them maximize their potential in life," Ballantyne said.

Ballantyne, 62, runs the district's Family Resource Center which offers a wide range of health programs and services for children and families.

Ballantyne has written grants which has made the resource center and many of its programs possible.

Some of the programs offered by the center include Healthy Start; a Primary Intervention Program, which targets at risk K-3 students and Mckinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, which provides services for families who are identified as living in transition.

These programs fill an important void in the classroom, Ballantyne said.

"I think its really critical for people to realize that budget cuts are cutting into the programs that schools offer," Ballantyne said. "If children don't have their needs met at home and come to school not ready to learn they will not be as academically successful. The work we do in providing those resources is so vital."

Ballantyne also chaired and coordinated the District School Attendance Review Board and the Student

Safety and Child abuse Prevention Committee which developed the district's safety program. She also volunteers with the American Cancer Society.

Ballantyne is retiring to spend more time with her husband, Curtis, her four children and seven grandchildren.

She said she won't be able to wander to far away from the district and will remain a volunteer with several programs.

"What I will my daily contact with the Rowland family that has become such a part of my life--my co-workers and the wonderful people in the school district," Ballantyne said. "However, I plan to continue to work by volunteering in the schools and community."

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