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School Safety Alert

 DONALD FERNALD, Chief of Police
School Safety Alert
Yesterday afternoon, Monday, February 2, 2009, approximately 4 p.m., a district student was the victim of a child annoyance. The incident occurred near Hambledon Avenue and Salais Street in La Puente. While walking home from a friend’s house, the victim noticed a light gray racing type car following her. The student said as the vehicle drove up to her the driver shouted out, “hey, hey, hey get in the car”.  The victim continued walking home but the driver made several u –turns and drove by her several times making the same statement. The victim ran to a friend’s house on Salais Street for help and as she went into the house she saw the driver park his car down the street between several other cars. She said when she and her friend walked outside the house the driver drove away.
The suspect was described as a male Hispanic in his early 20’s, skinny, with acne on his cheek and he had a mustache. The suspect was wearing a black shirt, black baseball cap and white and black frame sunglasses. The vehicle was described as a light gray sports car with a spoiler on the rear, a hood scoop, accident damage in the rear and custom rims and tires.
The victim has seen the composite drawing by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on 1-28-2009 for the Hacienda La Puente School District incidents and said the picture is not the person that she described.
The Rowland School Police Department will provide extra patrol to the schools in area where the incident occurred. Because of the recent incidents related to these types of calls in La Puente, Hacienda Heights and West Covina parents are asked to speak to their children about the need to be safe in their surroundings while coming and going to school and while coming and going to their homes.
Ø      Always walk in groups.  If you cannot walk in a group, at least try and walk with another person.
Ø      Do not walk alone in isolated areas.
Ø      Always be aware of your surroundings.
Ø      Never talk to strangers.
Ø      Never accept a ride from a stranger or someone you do not know.
Ø      If you are approached by a stranger in a car, walk away as quickly as possible and go to an area where there are other people.
Ø      If you are approached or feel threatened by a stranger, please report it as soon as  possible to your Principal, a School Police Officer or a Sheriff’s deputy.
If you see any suspicious activity or are confronted by a stranger, immediately contact the Industry Sheriff’s Station at (626) 330-3322, Rowland School Police Department at (626) 854-8442 or (626) 261-8139 or the West Covina Police Department (626) 939-8557.                      
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