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Rowland Schools Rate High in State Achievement Report

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA – MAY 21, 2008 – The 2007 Academic Performance Index (API) Report and Statewide and Similar School rankings were released today, with Rowland Unified schools continuing to rate high and demonstrate the quality of their instructional programs. Based on the Statewide Ranks, 15 schools scored “8” or higher. Blandford Elementary (named this year as a National Blue Ribbon School) and Ybarra Academy of the Arts and Technology scored a “10” (the highest possible score). Alvarado Intermediate, Killian Elementary (also named this year as a National Blue Ribbon School), Oswalt Academy and Shelyn Elementary were a “9.”

            Similar School Rankings also mirrored Rowland’s quality, with five schools receiving a “10” -- Alvarado, Giano, Killian, Ybarra and Yorbita. There were 17 schools that scored a “5” or higher, with every secondary school scoring an “8” or above.

            Ybarra received the highest possible ranking: it is the only school in the District to receive a “10” on both Statewide and Similar Schools Rankings.

            Academic growth continues at schools across the District, and Rowland is proud that seven of its schools scored above 800. The two highest performing schools were Blandford Elementary with an API score of 908 and Ybarra Academy with a score of 893. For the District as a whole, the District API is 757.

            “I am extremely proud of our schools and their hard work to meet the state’s targets. We appreciate the support teams in place at all of our schools to ensure student success,” said Superintendent Dr. Maria Ott.

            For more information regarding the 2007 Base API results, you can visit

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