Giano Opens State-of-the-Art Computer Lab

WEST COVINA, CA – JANUARY 7, 2008 – Gone is the worries of what computer system to use at Giano Intermediate.  With a flip of a switch, students and staff at Giano will be able to use both computer operating systems – Windows XP and Mac OS 10 – on the same computer!  Giano Principal Dr. Patricia Cuesta will lead the opening ceremony for the new Giano Curriculum Based Computer lab on January 8 at 7:30 a.m. The state-of-the-art lab will feature the following:

  • 36 iMac 17” Intel based computers
  • Dual Windows & Mac OS on each computer to satisfy all educational, administrative and teacher uses.
  • Curriculum based software from all departments are loaded on each computer (ST Math, Thinking Maps, SRI/SRC, READ 180, Science, English, Social Studies, Music, History, and other RUSD software)
  • Remote teacher monitoring and control thru Apple Remote Desktop. (Teachers can watch each student’s screen from the teacher terminal, assist by taking control of the terminals, start programs and applications for the student, text message the student, lock out or even shut down computer(s) as needed.)
  • Custom computer tables
  • A server is dedicated for workstation network booting & curriculum software for the entire school to access.
  • The energy saving ‘Green computer lab’ will turn on automatically and shut down all computers every day, Monday-Friday.
  • Computers are all in sync when booted – no changes can be made to individual computers by students or teachers creating a “bullet proof” workstation.
  • 2 HP monochrome laser printers networked for all computers
  • 100 Base-T network connections for each computer


View Photos from the Opening Ceremony! Visit the Photo Album on the front page!