Somewhere Over the Rainbow Rowland High Offers Preschool

Joyce Ahn, 4, spells out her name with sponges and paint.
*(By Richard Irwin, Staff Writer)
Justin Burd is only 4 years old, but he enjoys attending Rowland High School. He thinks it's "fun."
His little buddy, 3-year-old Lucas Martinez, doesn't say much, but the big grin on his face mirrors his agreement.
While other students at the sprawling high school tower over the tiny tots, the little ones don't seem intimidated. If anything, the youngsters glow in the attention showered on them throughout the day by the teens.
And we all know what you get when you mix showers and sunny California skies.
Welcome to the Rowland Rainbow Preschool, the end of the rainbow, so to speak, for the cute little "munchkins" that are putting the teens on the yellow brick road to teaching.
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