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Miss Buckboard Days Scholarship Pageant - Open to RUSD Current Sophomores/Juniors

Miss Buckboard Days Scholarship Pageant

The Miss Buckboard Days Scholarship Pageant focuses on current Sophomore and Junior girls in good standing, who will be Juniors and Seniors in Fall, 2015. The focus is on scholarship and the academic achievement of candidates. 

Please click below for application and permission slip and save the date flyer. 

Additional applications can also be downloaded on the Buckboard Days Parade website, in the far right tab on the gold ribbon, labeled "Pageant". 

There are two deadlines: the first is April 27, 2015, allowing enough time for the Nogales High School Fashion Design Class and Advance Fashion Design Class, in partnership with Rowland Unified School District's Family Resource Center, to complete a class project with students either in need of a formal for financial reasons or desiring one. 

The second deadline is May 28, 2015 for all students, before summer vacation, since the contestant is also required to get a signature from an administrator or counselor indicating that she is in good standing. 

For more information, please email: 

Mrs. Teri Malkin 
Miss Buckboard Days Pageant Committee 
Buckboard Days Parade Committee
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