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Congratulations to RUSD Retirees

RUSD Retirement Recognitions: The following employees attended a special ceremony last night (6/10/14) and were recognized by Board of Education members and District staff for their service to our schools and community.

Congratulations to all of our retirees:

James “Jim” Ellison has served Nogales High School as a Visual Arts teacher, Fine Arts Department Chairperson and ROP teacher for nearly 20 years. He has passionately invested years developing high-interest, student-centered lesson plans that promote a life-long love for the arts. Jim thoroughly understands the many facets of the young adolescent, celebrating the uniqueness of this special age. Mr. Ellison has diligently pursued grant-writing opportunities that have allowed the purchase of industry quality equipment for students to learn on and master. Spending nights and weekends along with his video broadcasting students, Jim has significantly contributed to the school’s positive culture by filming Renaissance and Sports Rallies, Choral/Instrumental District Festivals, and school-wide productions. 

Mr. Richard Medina, Sr. Custodian has served Rowland Unified for 25 years.  He began his career as a custodian at Fajardo Elementary in 1989.  When Fajardo closed its doors for the last time in June of 2009— Mr. Richard joined Mrs. Elaine McCauley at Yorbita as Senior Custodian. 

            Mr. Richard is a dedicated, hardworking employee who takes great pride in his work.  He strives for excellence and is meticulous about the work he does.  To step on to “Mr. Richard’s” campus, it is clear to see that he takes pride in his work and the school.  The grounds are impeccable and the campus is clean.  Not one to stay still - Mr. Richard is always on the move, looking for his next school project.  Mr. Richard has a fun-loving sense of humor - often referring to himself as “Mr. Grumpy.”   So much so, he often wore a shirt to work which read “grumpy.”   We will miss his shy smile, good heartedness and dedication.  Thank you and congratulations Mr. Richard for your years of service!

Maria Perez, Administrative Secretary has been the glue of the Curriculum office for several years. She provides schools excellent service and is always professional, friendly and helpful. Maria goes out of her way to ensure that teacher trainings run smoothly. She believes that teachers and administrators should be provided with immediate attention and support so they can do the best for students. She goes that extra mile. Maria is a vital part of the District's Social Committee. She strives to make events fun for all. Her colleagues love being around her due to her approachable personality. You always find Maria to be cheerful and helpful. She listens, offers support and epitomizes great customer service. Many people at both the schools and District office will miss her. Congratulations on your retirement!

Mrs. Usha Ladhawala, Babysitter is retiring after 14 years of sincere devotion and service to the Rowland Unified School District.  Usha worked as a Babysitter for the District’s Educational Programs which included CBET Adult Ed, Even Start, and the Family Resource Center.  Mrs. Usha is loved  by all the staff, parents, and children.  Her dedication and support is amazing, and we thank her for all the years she devoted to the program and the families that we served.  We wish her well and know that we will find her traveling with her family, enjoying time with her grandchildren, and enjoying life.  We wish her the best from all of the Even Start and Family Resource Center staff!

Leticia Mendoza, Primary Intervention Specialist, Bil.  is retiring after 28 years of faithful and committed service to the Rowland Unified School District.  Leticia has been a much loved Early Mental Health Staff member for the Family Resource Center over the past four years, working at both Oswalt Academy and Villacorta Elementary School.  Prior to her time with the FRC, Leticia worked as an Instructional Assistant II at Oswalt Academy and as an RSP Aide at Yorbita Elementary School.  Leticia started her 28 year career with Rowland at Oswalt Academy in 1986 as an Instructional Assistant I.  She was at Oswalt for 20 years before moving on to Yorbita.  Leticia has always been a focused and dedicated staff member.  Leticia’s love for students is evident in her soft and caring mannerisms.  She is also very creative and extremely generous.  We are so saddened by her leaving, but are so excited for her new season of life.  We wish her well and know that we will find her spending her days with her husband and enjoying her beautiful grandbabies.  Best wishes from all of the staff at the FRC!  

Janet Wolf, Director of Food Services started working at Rowland in 1983, 31 years ago. She was the second Director ever hired in RUSD for the Food Services Department. She was a dedicated employee and a tough boss but fair. The Food Services department grew under her leadership and she faced many challenges during her tenure. She put the students first and made sure no student went in the classroom without breakfast or lunch.

            She started after school snacks program and operated the summer feeding program every summer but one. She trained dietetic interns from Fairview Development Center for 10 years.  She is a dedicated wife and a mother who is proud of her kid’s accomplishments. Janet wanted to retire with her husband. Due her dedication to her job she stayed until the district was able to hire her replacement and worked with the new director to pass on the baton of her legacy at Rowland. We thank Janet for her 31 years of service and dedication to the students of Rowland Unified.

 Retirees not in attendance:            


                        2013-14 Classified Retirements

Lynda Rohrer                           Inst. Assist. II                           RHS                 

Maria G. Cervantes                Café. Lead Wker                     Northam         

Anita Montoya                        Inst. Assist. II                           Oswalt            

Rafael Avina                           Sr. Custodian                           Ybarra Acad. 

Yolanda L. Martinez                Sr. Acct. Clerk                         Fiscal Svcs.    

Judy Bauer                              Office Assistant                       Yorbita

JoAnn M. Chung                     Sr. Account Clerk                   Fiscal              

Deborah K. Patton                  Instructional Assistant II          Villacorta       

Jeanie Robertson                    Instructional Assist.                 RACE              

Lana L. Small                           Food Svcs Operations Mgr.    Food Center   

Yolanda Burciaga                   Instructional Assist. II Bil.        Villacorta       

Nora J. Fields                          Instructional Assistant II          Alvarado        

Zahra Sanaie                           Sr. Account Clerk                   Fiscal              

                        2013-14 Certificated Retirements

Susan Cook                            Inter. Teacher                          Alvarado        

Robert Cook                           High School Teacher              Nogales         

Roxanne Torosian                   Speech Therapist                    Special Educ. 

Beverly Garcia                        Elementary Teacher               Villacorta       

Alberto Garcia                        High School Teacher              Nogales         

Helen Razo                             Elementary Teacher               Oswalt            

Frank H. Razo                          Elementary Teacher               Northam         

Wen Hu                                   High School Teacher              Nogales


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