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Innovative Compressed Natural Gas Station Approved by RUSD Board

Last night the RUSD Board of Education approved the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Station. Below is the background information presented about the CNG project to the Board.

**Board of Education Vice President Judy Nieh in her Board remarks read the following joint-letter from the Los Angeles County Office of Education and RUSD that was sent to the Editor of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (but the paper did not print) regarding inaccurate articles that have appeared about this project.


“May 21, 2014 Letter to the Editor – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

This letter is in response to several articles that appeared on the topic of a natural gas facility being built by the Rowland Unified School District. What was a simple routine request for paperwork was turned into a headline that said an “investigation” was taking place.

This is to clarify to your readers that the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is not conducting any type of investigation of a contract between the Rowland Unified School District and the company Clean Energy Fuels, as erroneously stated in your article on May 12, 2014.

The recent request for documentation from the District is part of the routine and standard practice of processing payments against school district funds to commercial vendors that LACOE conducts. For this project, LACOE requested the required documentation to show that a purchase order for the contract amount had been approved by the RUSD Board.

Rowland USD has an innovative green project that will not only save the District money, but also generate funds. By building a compressed natural gas facility in a manufacturing zone of the District, it will also allow the community and local businesses to utilize the station at affordable rates.

Our community deserves accurate reporting. We ask to be contacted directly to verify information before it is printed causing harm and distrust.

The Rowland Unified School District & Los Angeles County Office of Education

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