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Rowland High School Medals in L.A. County Academic Decathlon

Rowland High School Medals in L.A. County Academic Decathlon: Rowland HS Teacher/Advisor Ms. Kim Woo is excited to share the many medals that students won at this year’s Academic Decathlon – the banquet was held last night. The Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon is a colorful, rigorous two-day scholastic team competition that tests the knowledge and skills of high school students who compete against other school teams for gold, silver and bronze medals.

Decathletes are challenged to use analytical skills, performance abilities and test-taking and writing aptitude in 10 events: Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language & Literature, Math, Music, Science, Social Science and Speech. Nearly 500 students from across Los Angeles County participated. This year’s theme was World War I.
The Top Scoring Decathlete for Rowland HS was Vivian Chi; Top Scoring Decathletes for Division 2 were Bronze = Jackson Liu; Silver = William Hsu and Gold = Felicia Yip.


*Super Quiz – Division 2 there was a 2nd Place Tie = Rowland HS & La Serna HS. Rowland High School ranked 16th out of 43 schools (1st in Division 2)


Congratulations to:

1. Art -                                     Bronze = Delilah Morfin

2. Economics -                      Bronze = Felicia Yip

3. Essay -                                 Bronze = Ada Dai; Silver = William Hsu

4. Language & Literature     Bronze = Jackson Liu; Silver = Felicia Yip

5. Math -                                 Bronze = Ivan Chi, Felicia Yip; Gold = William Hsu

6. Interview -                          Bronze = William Hsu; Silver = Jackson Liu, Ivan Chi,                                                         Felicia Yip; Gold = Vivian Chi

7. Music -                                Gold = Jackson

8. Science -                           Bronze = Jackson Liu; Silver = Felicia Yip

9. Speech -                            Bronze = Vivian Chi, Jackson Liu

10. Social Science -              Silver = Vivian Chi; Gold = Felicia Yip

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