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Antonio Sacre, Author and Storyteller Visits Rorimer Elementary!

Antonio Sacre, Author and Storyteller Visits Rorimer Elementary!

The students at Rorimer Elementary were treated to a guest visit from recognized author and gifted storyteller, Antonio Sacre.  Mr. Sacre shared his inspiration for The Barking Mouse, his first published title, and other notable children's books including La Noche Buena, and A Mango in the Hand.  The students learned that Mr. Sacre's stories are based on memories and details of his childhood, and he delightfully brought them to life through his talented craft of dual-language storytelling.  His most recent title released within the past few weeks, My Name is Cool, is a collection of 18 short stories from his Cuban-Irish upbringing. 

Principal, Liz Leon, and Vice Principal, Joyce Garcia were grateful to Mr. Sacre for supporting literacy at Rorimer, as students were encouraged to continue growing their talents as readers, writers, and storytellers.  The assemblies were a celebration of the "Royal Readers" meeting the schoolwide challenge of practicing what "powerful" readers do: read a book out loud to someone special, read titles from the same author, read informational texts on the same subject, describe a favorite important character in a currently read story, or recommend a great book to a peer - all habits that will certainly last a lifetime for the students.        



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