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Community Library at Nogales High School

Community library opens at Nogales High in Rowland Unified

Need some homework help? Maybe your computer crashed and you can’t get on the Internet?

No problem, the community library at Nogales High School has you covered. The glistening new library on the Rowland Unified campus is ready to serve residents, as well as high school students.

As part of the $8 million high school renovation, the old library had been stripped down to the brick walls. Contractors rebuilt it with the latest technology.

The high school library has become a remarkable resource for the entire community. Public hours are from 3 to 7 p.m weekdays.

When we visited, the Ha family sat in the children’s room. Vyon, 7, and Godsen, 8, were busy doing their homework from Telesis Academy. Helping them were 15-year-old Mary Cruz and 16-year-old Faye Villamin.

“Youngsters can get free homework help from 3 to 6 p.m. from student volunteers from the Honor Society,” explained Louise Garnica, the community library assistant.

The teens seemed happy to help.

“I’ve been helping kids with their homework for the past four years,” said Villamin, a senior at Nogales. “I enjoy tutoring the youngsters.”

Sophomore Cruz watched closely as Godsen practiced using his new vocabulary words in a sentence. The walls of the children’s library were lined with row after row of brightly colored children’s books.

Older students were taking advantage of the new computers in another section of the refurbished library. The computers run off servers in another part of the high school.

“We have 30 new computer stations that residents are free to use,” said computer tech Robert Gonzales.

“Parents can use the computers to look for a job, apply for employment and look up subjects for their children,” Garnica said.

Nogales student Maria Orellana was using a computer to research President Woodrow Wilson for a project.

“The library is a great place to study after school with all its computers and reference materials,” the 17-year-old senior said. “The library is really nice since they remodeled it.”

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