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Oswalt Academy Fifth Graders Go High-Tech

Oswalt Academy Fifth Graders Go High-Tech

The Walnut campus Wednesday night handed out Apple laptop computers to its incoming fifth-grade students.

Oswalt Academy fifth graders and their parents took learning digital Wednesday night as the school handed out 130 Apple laptop computers to the students.

The Shadow Oak Drive campus is big on technology.  Oswalt recently was named an "Apple Distinguished School," again one of only two in the state to get that distinction three years in a row, according to district officials.

The school has more than 500 one-to-one laptops in grades 5-8 that are parent-funded and in use daily.  Not to be left out, students from kindergarten to 4th grade have access to more than 200 iPod Touches for use in the classroom.

“The infusion of technology has transformed the way our students learn and teachers teach and has had remarkable results in closing the achievement gap in math and literacy,” said Principal Kevin Despard. “Achievement is at an all time high at Oswalt, with our projected API soaring to 922. Our innovative use of technology is one of the main reasons.”

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