West Covina Mayor Mike Touhey visited students at Hollingworth Elementary School. (Courtesy photo)

Being mayor is so easy second graders can do it.

That's not anywhere near the truth, of course, but it didn't stop the second graders of Hollingworth Elementary School in West Covina from voting for their own mayors and learning about the campaign process in a hands-on way.

Each second-grade class made its own city, wrote individual speeches and then voted on a mayor. After they did that, West Covina Mayor Mike Touhey came to their classes to hear their speeches and talk to them about mayoral duties.

The Rowland Unified school has done the program for six years, according to second-grade teacher Stephanie McCallie.

"In social studies we're working on a unit called 'Governing the People."' said McCallie, who has been teaching at the school for 12 years. "We're studying community and state government. Each second-grade class created their own community."