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Alvarado and Rowland High Students Compete in World Drum Major Association Championships

Congratulations to over 170+ Drum Majors all over southern California that qualified to compete in the World Drum Major Association (WDMA) Championship Competition in Loara High School on Saturday, April 21, 2012!!!

Students representing Rowland High School from RUSD were Agasson Chen, Calvin Lin, Michael Xu, Michael Taningco, Seth Sepulveda, Drefncion Viste, Albert Lin, Kevin Chang.

In World Class Conducting Division, Kevin Chang (10th grader) took 3rd place & Michael Xu (10th grader) took 4th place, in Open Class Conducting Division, Michael Taningco (9th grader) took 2nd place & Drefncion Viste took 3rd place out of 24 Drum Majors. In World Class Mace Division, Albert Lin (10th grader) took 2nd place & Michael Xu (10th grader) took 7th place. In World Class Military Division, Calvin Lin (9th grader) took 7th place out of 18 Drum Majors. In Open Class Military Gold Division, Agasson Chen gook 3rd out of 16 Drum Majors. Out of 33 Drum Majors that competed in Open Class Military Finals, Agasson Chen took 6th place.

Students representing Alvarado Intermediate School from RUSD were 8th graders Iris Huang, Naomi Jow, Christopher Wu, Ethan Fan, Lawrence Wang, Jious Mira, Amber Go, Daniel Chu, Jonathan Hou, Vincent Tao; 7th graders Daniel Koo, Brandon Kim, Britney Huang, Grace Kim, Wendy Zhang, Jonathan Liu, Jeremy Sediva, Ceci Chu, Daniel Yap, Emily Wen, Jefferson Mach, Cindy Wong, Cathy Chen

In Open Class Conducting Division, Iris Huang took 7th place, and Naomi Jow took 10th place out of 24 Drum Majors, in Open Class Military Blue Division, Jonathan Hou took 3rd place, Vincent Tao took 9th place, in Open Class Military Gold Division, Lawrence Wang took 5th place, Christopher Wu took 7th place, Jious Mira took 8th place, Amber Go took 9th place, Daniel Chu took 11th place. Out of 33 Drum Majors that competed in Open Class Military Finals, Jonathan Hou took 4th place. In Novice Class Military Gold Division, Daniel Koo won 2nd place, Britney Huang won 8th place, in Novice Class Military Blue Division, Brandon Kim won 3rd place, Jonathan Liu won 6th place, Jeremy Sediva won 9th place, Ceci Chu won 11th place, Daniel Yap won 12th place. Out of 46 Drum Majors that competed in Novice Class Military Division, in the Finals, Daniel Koo took 1st place, and Brandon Kim took 3rd place.

Drum Majoring is a competitive sport that derived from marching band. Students from RUSD that competed in this championships were all current & previous members of the proud Alvarado Intermediate School Marching Matador Band. The Alvarado Band is a top middle school band in the state, under the direction of Band Director Mr. Steve Krumbine, and the drum majoring sport is apart of the leadership program supported by the booster organization, Matador Boosters Association. Currently this fine leadership program can only be found at Alvarado where Drum Major coach Mr. Bryan Millares is very proud of their achievements. Mr. Bryan Millares is an alumni of both Alvarado Intermediate School & Rowland High School Band where he was the Drum Major. Every year the Alvarado Intermediate School Band students are competing with high schoolers at championships and bringing home medals. Band is usually the largest club in every RUSD school campuses, and these kids continues to have a creative outlet in a healthy environment during the years of their education.

(Information and photos courtesy of Rowland Parent Linda Chen Jow.)

Daniel Koo, out of 46 Drum Majors that competed in Novice Class Military Division, in the Finals, Daniel Koo took 1st place

Daniel Koo receiving his 1st place plaque

Representing RUSD, Rowland Raider Regiment of Rowland HS Band on the left, Alvarado Marching Matadors of Alvarado Intermediate School Band Flags & plaques at the WDMA Championships
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