At first glance, Max Medina appears to be quite a bruiser. And the Rowland High junior does indeed use his powerful frame as a member of the Raider wrestling team.

But the soft-spoken young man recently received another honor. The 17-year-old was named the 2012 Youth Volunteer of The Year by the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation.

For many years, Max could be found helping out at park events. He'd be the one standing behind Santa Claus at the Christmas events or setting up for the big Buckboard Days Parade.

"I worked all weekend at Easter," Max admitted. "I helped hide the eggs for the big Easter Egg Hunt at the Speed Zone."

And while every Rowland High student has to volunteer 60 hours of

Rowland High sophomore Max Medina was recently named Youth Volunteer of the Year by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation. (Photo by Gina Ward courtesy of Rowland Unified)

community service to graduate, Max figures he's donated thousands of hours of his time.

Time spent at Rowland Heights, Carolyn Rosas, Pathfinder and Steinmetz Parks, where Max and his younger brothers have become fixtures.

"Everybody always asks for the Medina brothers whenever they need help with an event," Max explains with a big grin.

And help out they do. Max joins 16-year-old Juan and 12-year-old Pedro as they spend their free time helping out our neighborhood parks.

"I was up at 4 a.m. for the parade to help set up the awnings for the festival afterward," Max recalled.

Though Max admits having a hard time getting up early, park officials know they can count on this young man. He's provenhimself year after year.

So Carolyn Rosas Park manager Jeff Annoreno nominated Max for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

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