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Dear Safe Communities Participants,

Due to over-saturated grass and field areas at Rowland Heights Park and pending rain, we will be CANCELING the Safe Communities Festival this year.  We will not be rescheduling this event at this time. 

We thank you so much for your willingness to participate and we are so sad to inform you of this news.  If you are in need of asking any questions or have comments, please feel free to contact Jennifer Kottke, OSC Co-Chairperson, at  


Again we thank you and we appreciate your willingness to share your resources and services with our great community. 

Your energy helps to exemplify our mission for Operations Safe Communities (OSC) that we are here to WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!


Each of you are welcome to join us at our next OSC meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at the Rowland Unified School District Board Room from 2-3pm.  Please see the attached flyer.  Additionally, we hope to see you next year and will keep you posted on the date for next year’s event. 


With many thanks,


Jennifer Kottke

OSC Co-Chairperson

Family Resource Center Coordinator

Rowland Unified School District

Office: (626)854-2228

Fax: (626)854-2229

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