Families arrived throughout the day, gratefully carting off the holiday baskets filled with a turkey, stuffing and canned goods.

Most couldn't afford a traditional Thanksgiving feast without the help of the Family Resource Center of the Rowland Unified School District.

But the day before Thanksgiving, they could give thanks for this caring community center.

The holiday baskets are just one example of the many community outreach programs run out of the Family Resource Center.

The California School Boards Association also gave thanks for the center this week with its Golden Bell Award. The coveted award will be presented this weekend at the association's annual education conference in San Francisco.

"We're really glad to receive this distinguished award," said Jennifer Kottke, center director. "It's a real honor to receive this distinguished award."

The Family Resource Center staff know it's not easy to study when you're hungry, cold or abused so they try to help students by referring families to more than 40 government and private agencies for legal and medical issues, including domestic violence and substance abuse.

Kottke said 700 families are being served through the Healthy Start Community Liaisons. These bilingual advisers go to students' homes to deal with issues ranging from attendance to parenting programs.

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