Middle school students usually are pretty rowdy and talkative when they first get to class as their teachers desperately try to keep them quiet and get them to concentrate.
But that didn't seem to be the case on Sept. 8 when the seventh- and eighth-grade English students at Giano Intermediate School sat quietly and intently as they were introduced to the school's new first-year pilot program, Laptops for Learning.
The Rowland Unified School District campus on Sept. 8 rolled out 105 in-class laptops to 480 students to engage them and facilitate learning.
"We want to have kids engaged at a higher level and also get them ready for the 21st century learning technology," said Helen Benavides, principal of the
Seventh-graders each use Macintosh laptop computer for their English class writing assignment. (Leo Jarzomb / Staff Photographer)
West Covina school. "It's really important because ... they are learning at a different level and this is how they take responsibility for their own learning."
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