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RUSD Board Recognizes Students for Perfect Attendance!

RUSD Board Recognizes Students for Perfect Attendance at June 22, 2010 Meeting
Regular school attendance receives a high priority in all schools in the Rowland Unified School District.  We know students need to be in class on a regular basis to benefit fully from our strong instructional programs.
The following sixth graders during their seven years at the elementary school level have had perfect attendance;  Imagine – not one excused or unexcused absence from kindergarten through the sixth grade, a total of 1,260 days of school! 
Eric Long                                             -     Hollingworth
Serena Nguyen                                    -     Killian
Laetitia Waliry                                    -     Rowland
Korbin Amper                                     -     Shelyn
Michael Anthony Nunez                     -     Villacorta
The following three intermediate school students have had perfect attendance from kindergarten through eighth grade. These students were in attendance for over 1,600 days.
Kevin Chang                                          -     Alvarado
Jason Fu                                                 -     Alvarado
Wyatt Hilton                                          -     Alvarado
The following three Rowland High School students have successfully completed their K through 12 learning experience without a single day of absence - a total of 2,340 days of attendance.  What an accomplishment!
          Karina Guerini
          Kevin Hwee
          Linda Kim
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