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Rowland High Students Top the 55th Annual BIA Model Building Contest

John A. Rowland High School tops the 55th Annual BIA Model Building Contest
Rowland High School Architecture and Construction students walked away with top awards as the Building Industries of America hosted their 55th annual high school model building contest on May 10, 2010. Students from many different schools and school districts competed. Students submitted  three-dimensional models in one of three categories: residential, industrial, or structural. All models must have been built solely by the student—no group work, no parental or instructor help.
Architecture Senior Jung Mi Kim won 1st place 12th grade industrial, as well as overall industrial. In addition to the two trophies, Jung Mi also received checks in the amount of $100 and $200. Senior Paley Zhang won 1st place 12th grade residential, as well as overall residential. Paley also received checks in the amount of $100 and $200. Paley’s model earned the most points of all the models in the contest, making it the “Sweepstakes Trophy” winner. The Sweepstakes trophy is the “best of show”. It is a travelling trophy that stays with the winning school for one year. It has the names of the winning schools engraved on it going back to 1966!
In the structural category, sophomore Mitchell Ramirez won 1st place- 10th grade. And senior Carlos Mojarro won 3rd place-12th grade. Other Raider winners were Sophomores Soo Yun Jeong and Carl Camua for their residential models. They placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively in the 10th grade competition. Congratulations to one and all. 
All of the residential and industrial models submitted by Rowland students incorporated the formal design process of “volumetric collision” in which common geometric solids seem to collide and merge with each other. If you are interested in Architectural Design, Engineering Design, or Construction Tech, see Mr. Krumm in room M-4. He has lots of interesting things to show you.
Architechture student Paly Zhang's Residential Model.
Architecture students Paley Zhang and Jung Mi Kim with the Sweepstakes Trophy.

Jung Mi’s Industrial Model. Both models use the formal design technique of “volumetric collision”

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