California's economic future and quality of life depends on the effectiveness of the State's system of public education.

The state Constitution guarantees that every student will receive a free education to prepare them to succeed in society and in life.

California has instituted some of the most rigorous academic standards when measured against the nation. Unfortunately, California's economic woes are wrecking havoc on schools and school districts, and the dream of opportunity for our children is uncertain while the road to opportunity and a brighter future is covered with potholes.

Our success rests on the willingness of local communities to enter into meaningful partnership with their public schools.

School districts, just like cities, are defined by geographic boundaries, and families purchase homes based on the quality of education offered within those boundaries.

Parents pay local taxes and elect school board members to represent their highest aspirations for their children.

The outcomes are a reflection of the willingness of local communities to get involved and to make a difference by working within their local schools and within their local school districts.