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Nogales Poetry Club Students Perform at RUSD Employee Kick-Off Event

Nogales High School Poetry Club students wrote and performed "You Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For" at the RUSD Employee Kick-Off Event on August 18, 2009. Due to popular demand, you can view them performing this poem under District Podcasts -- the text is below. Congratulations to Teacher Mr. Cory Cofer and his amazing students!

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for!




You are the ones we’ve been waiting for

It’s 2009

A few thousand minds combined

I’m ready to follow

And learn to lead

A seed

Willing to be nurtured

Water sun-showered the perfect soil

I am here

Rowland Unified, we are here


With pride

Outside the box

But we still want what’s inside

The box

Inside thoughts on paper

Journaled thoughts turned poems

Or notebooks or Nogales burger napkins

You are what we’ve been asking

Beyond textbooks

Beyond lit guides

Beyond worksheets

Beyond standardized tests

We want fresh

A garden full of seeds

Yearning for growth

You are the ones with the most

The ones we’ve been waiting for





(The ones we’ve been waiting for) are not the ones that sit behind desks, grading essays after essays.

They are not the ones that run bubble sheets into correcting machines, per say. 


Young minds are like wild plants. They cannot survive on standardized forums mass produced in government agencies.


We cannot live on supplements of artificial sun lamps and bottled water contingencies.


We want to have... we need to have the sustenance of free uncontained curiosity.


Like the vitamins of growing knowledgeable luminosity.


Like the fuel of our minds to spark and explode like fireworks on the fourth of July.


To free the questions and answers of our thoughts once caught in lies.


An ingredient beyond the normal restrictions in the recipe of statistics.


Of explorations. Of discoveries. Outside confined logistics.


You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.





You are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

You are the ones who we are

Counting on to hand us our education

And put us on a path

To lead and bring up

A new nation

Our test is life and

With your help you give me

Multiple choices

But there are no re-do’s so

I put my full trust in you

To help guide me in the right direction

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for






Class is just another task I must complete

At every instance in life I am learning

I can memorize word for word text in a book

To pass a class

But life is so much harder than that

No scantrons to bubble in options of life decisions

No percentage or grade to show how much we’re really living

See life is learning before this institution of education

Our struggles of our real life

Are past these tests

They want us to pass these tests

To show the country that we’re adequate but I passed my class

And still testing is just a mind game

A trick just to see how carefully we read the questions

It is a strategy that measures my ability to decipher and read

Rather than how well the teacher can teach

Years of materials into 34 weeks

Some teachers speak to us in dictating tones

Implying no equality

But forget that they used to be us too

Students studying subjects while searching for their identity

Because many become lost in this molding of mind

Think outside the box became think inside the standards

When will this learning system learn?

You are the ones what we’ve been waiting for






Nikki & Stephanie


-(Steph) Words are not simply the building blocks of responses to literatures.

-(Nikki) They are the atoms of Newton’s theories evolving around bodies matured.

-(Steph) No boring dates and politicians can label our long past.

-(Nikki) History is beyond timelines and thinking maps you cast.

-(Steph) Prepackaged nutrition cannot sustain our hunger for genuine information.

-(Nikki) Not beyond the homemade meals and cultural cuisine of our nations.





I’ve searched for a place where I belong

Waiting for others to work around me

Hoping others will do what’s necessary for a better future

Time stands for no man

And to take all this time waiting for change

Has been my mistake

Every aspect of who I am

Has been formed by former choices

To create a new future

We must change ourselves

No more waiting for a difference

Everything I have been patiently waiting for has been in me all along

I can create change

And together we can change the world





Curious minds intrude upon your territory,

Prodding eyes tread on your property

Small and timid, shapes in shadows

Waiting for a time to enter the shallows

Drowning deep in a pool of knowledge

On their way, heading to college

You pushed them on their destined path

For you they feel no wrath

Ghosts of the past haunt your mind

Frightful and mindful, unable to rewind

These spirits will hinder the education taught by YOU

Choking on the words as suffocation threatens to take me

Demons fall upon their prey with glee

Serious faces pass by on the way to class

Minds are open, clear as glass

Lead a horse to water and make them drink from the pool

For their education, victims became fools

Blood congeals and flows

Bright eyes dull as a startling truth glows

Stiff with age at the bend

Feed me! Feed me! (I’m hungry)

Feed the thing you try to starve

So that it may try to carve

Its own graves

Give it the knowledge that it craves

We wrote a prelude to our own fairy tale as they leave tears when that devil lifts its veil

Battle sleeping, people breathing

Down their backs as they are seething

Truth holds stronger than values

The ones that survive are those with virtues

Forget the light of commitments

Believe in the power to teach




History taught upon the stepping stones built with the intention of success

Broken English embarked upon society’s interest

So you expect the least

How do you expect us to succeed without the proper seed, without the proper amount of sunlight and water nourishing to our needs to be pushed just enough to be thankful that someone was there to push me

See you are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Textbooks don’t teach enough about life to get me through it and lectures don’t hold my attention enough to keep me into it

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.





(Cue: Ivan beat boxing)

Still water runs deep, when it rains it pours

We are the ones, we’ve been waiting for

Please no more of the somewhat dependent individuals

Just remember our hopes and dreams are invincible

Truly enough personal attributes will accommodate

The power to keep all of our minds straight

R. U. S. D.  A family

Welcomes you in, respects you as a friend

From dawn to dusk our minds well be stuck

In the muck

Of best of luck

Best believe we won’t give up

Each day is another opportunity to share perspectives and knowledge between you and me

Hopefully I can speak for you; and you can speak for me that perseverance lives internally

YOU ARE The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For



Be Hopeful


Be Positive


Be Courageous


Be Passionate




Nogales Poetry Club

August 2009

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