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Board Vision

The Rowland Unified School District promotes, expects, and accepts nothing short of excellence. We have a collective commitment to be the best school district in California.

About the Board 

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Education.  Each Board Member is elected by the community at large and serves a four-year term.  Board elections are held biennially in November of odd-numbered years.

Angelena M. Pride, President

Lynne Ebenkamp, Vice President

Cary C. Chen, Clerk

Donna Freedman, Member

David M. Malkin, Member

Functions of the Board

The primary function of the Board of Education is to act as the policy-making body for the District.  The Board is charged with ensuring quality educational programs for students from grades Transition Kindergarten through 12 and Adult Education & Community programs in accordance with state law and the needs of the community.

The Board hires and supports the Superintendent so that the vision, goals, and policies of the District can be implemented.  In addition, the Board shall work with the Superintendent in setting a direction for the District, ensuring accountability, and providing community leadership and advocacy on behalf of students and public education at the local, state and federal levels.  The Board shall involve the community, parents/guardians, students, and staff in developing a common vision for the District focused on learning and achievement that is responsive to the needs of all students.

The Board of Education delegates the administration of the Rowland Unified School District to a professional administrative staff headed by the Superintendent.  Individual Board Members have no power to act independently in the name of the Board when it comes to matters of the District.  Action can only be taken when the Board is in formal session with a majority of its members present.

District Mission Statement

The mission of the Rowland Unified School District, the progressive international community united in learning, is to empower students so that each actualizes his or her unique potential and responsibly contributes to a global society, through a system distinguished by rigorous academics, innovative use of technology, creative exploration, and nurturing learning experiences.

Core Values

We believe that a common set of Core Values builds the foundation for accomplishing the District’s mission.  Staff, parents, students, and community are united in fostering these beliefs.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Student-Centered Focus
  • Responsibility with Accountability