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Welcome to the Special Projects/GATE/English Language Learners Department!
Silvia L. Rivas, Director
Kim Louie, Program Specialist
Jeane Carse, Secretary
Brigid Flores, Staff Services Assistant
Harriet Peterson, Office Assistant
Sandra Guzman, District Translator, Spanish
Rita Yee, District Translator, Chinese
Stacy Kim, District Translator, Korean
*Please note our office has moved from the outside portable at the District Office to inside the District Office, at 1830 S. Nogales Street, Rowland Heights, CA 91748. Our office can be reached at (626) 854-8392     
    Fax (626) 854-8391
   The Office of Special Projects/GATE/English Language Learners serves the Rowland Unified School District as a liaison between the California Department of Education and school district. The director of Special Projects/GATE/ELL and staff, provide technical assistance in interpreting and implementing the requirements of state and federal categorical programs.
    What we provide:
  •      Assistance with Title I Requirements/Issues
  •      Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Training
  •      Title I School-Wide Training
  •      Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
  •      School Site Council (SSC) Training
  •      Consolidated Application
  •      GATE Parent Advisory Meetings
  •      English Language Learners
  •      Alternative Support