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We have a stable and committed workforce because Rowland Unified offers a uniquely supportive and family-oriented work environment at our schools and District Office.
Why You Should Work For Us:
Rowland Unified School District is distinguished as one of the leading mid-sized school districts.
Training and staff development - RUSD is one of the few school districts in the region with a Professional Resource Center staffed by seasoned teacher-trainers. In addition to a thorough employee orientation, new teachers benefit from consistent staff development and mentoring.
Partnerships with accredited universities - Earn your teaching credential and/or administrative credential while working for us. Courses are taught by accredited universities on our campuses after work.
Great location - Rowland is close to the Los Angeles theater and art district, beaches, mountain and other resort areas.
Affordable housing, safe communities - You can afford to buy a home in our school district because home prices here are below many other areas of Los Angeles County and most of Orange County. Our neighborhoods are safe. Our cities foster a sense of community through parades and other family-oriented activities and services.
Flexible scheduling - We offer job sharing and part-time opportunities for classified and certificated staff.
Internal promotions - Whenever possible, our aim is to promote from within. Most of our principals have been teachers within our schools. Many of our teachers are former students. We have an excellent track record of hiring our instructional assistants who have gone on to earn teaching credentials. We also make every effort to hire student teachers. We even host internal job fairs to ensure we recruit our best internal candidates.
Family atmosphere - We have a stable workforce. We are unique in that many of our employees are alumni or have relatives who also work for RUSD. This occurs because our employees know that RUSD is a special place. They want their family and friends to enjoy a positive workplace environment and they refer them for employment.
Collaborative management and union relationships - We are fortunate to have strong administrative and Board leadership. We also enjoy collaborative relationships with both employee unions, creating a supportive environment for employees.
Active families and community - From the annual grants provided by the FOR US Foundation for innovative classroom projects to the thousands of volunteer hours logged annually on our campuses by parents, grandparents, alumni, business professionals and local residents, our schools benefit from the enthusiastic support of this educational community.
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If you have further questions regarding the application process, contact the Human Resources Division for Certificated (teaching positions) or the Personnel Commission for Classified (non-teaching positions) at (626)965-2541.