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The Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources Division, is responsible to the Superintendent, serves on the Cabinet and:

  • Identifies, plans and recommends the goals, objectives and direction of the Human Resources Division;
  • Serves as the advisor to the Superintendent pertaining to personnel management and employer/employee relations’ problems, issues, and concerns;
  • Plans, organizes and administers a comprehensive employer/employee relations program, including the conduct of negotiations with labor organizations and the administration and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Directs, administers and supervises the personnel work of the district and delegates duties and assignments as may be appropriate;
  • Directs and supervises the program of recruitment, selection, assignment, and credentialing of certificated personnel;
  • Serves as a liaison to labor organizations in analyzing problems and developing alternative solutions;
  • Plans, organizes, develops, and recommends, personnel policies and regulation statements, and operational procedures and guidelines;
  • Assists in reviewing, analyzing and evaluating pending legislation, legal mandates, regulations, and guidelines which may affect the District programs, functions and activities;
  • Serves as liaison to the Personnel Commission and its staff;
  • Provides leadership and direction for classified staff development and in-service on all personnel related items;
  • Performs other related responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.