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The Rowland Unified School District has a long history of a commitment to the arts. We offer music in all of our elementary, intermediate and high schools!

In support of providing every student the opportunity to participate in music education, RUSD has dramatically expanded its elementary music program. The Music For All elementary music program provides ALL RUSD students in grades 1-6 with music education each week during their regular school day, taught by credentialed music teachers. This innovative elementary music expansion program positively impacts more than 6,000 students across the District.

“The idea to increase the arts for RUSD students was an interest of our community, and was a part of the input received during our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) meetings with students, staff, and parents,” said Dr. Julie Mitchell, Superintendent of Schools.

Every student in grades 1 – 3 take part in general music education. Students in 4th grade can choose general music or learn a string instrument, and 5th and 6thgrade students can select strings, band or general music. The District has added additional music teachers and purchased instruments in response to the enormous excitement in the program.

For more information about all of the music education programs available in RUSD, please call the Educational Services Office at (626)854-8348. For more information about our String Programs, visit


Elementary (Grades 1-6):

General Music (Grades 1-6), Strings (Grades 4-6) Band (Grades 5-6)

Elementary Band and String Nights:

Free evening instruction for elementary students who want additional instruction on band and string instruments.

Secondary (Grades 7-12):

Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Drumline, Color Guard, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Chorus (Advanced, Intermediate & Beginning) Show Choir (Advanced and Intermediate)

District Music Programs:


String Orchestra

Concert Orchestra

Chamber oRchestra

Luminous (Electric String and Band Ensemble)

Mariachi (Grades 5-12) 

CC - Cello Choir (Grades 7-12)

Additional String Ensemble Clubs:

SAO - String Animation Orchestra (RHS)

CTM - Caring Through Music (RHS)