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COVID-19 Updates

We are here to support our employees! Please contact the Human Resources Department by calling (626)854-8337.

Latest Employee Vaccine Survey 3/5/2021

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information


General Vaccine Information

As of March 1, 2021, all RUSD employees are eligible to begin to receive vaccinations and you are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to receive the vaccination. While you may choose to make appointments through your own physician or speak with your doctor about individual concerns, information is available through the links provided below as a service to you. If you have specific medical concerns, speak with your doctor. We cannot and will not provide medical advice. Supplies of the vaccine are limited and therefore, to best meet your needs, you may want to review options available through multiple resources before making an appointment. 

RUSD Encourages and Supports Employees to Receive Vaccine

Through the support of the Board and Dr. Mitchell, employees whose own personal vaccination appointments occur during the workday may take time needed to receive the vaccine off of work without using their own personal leave. Teachers, please ensure your students are provided with appropriate asynchronous assignments during the time needed for your appointment and inform parents and principals of your appointment for vaccination in advance. Classified and non-classroom employees, please ensure your supervisors know of your appointment in advance to ensure we can meet the needs of the district. 

RUSD Employee Partnerships

RUSD is actively seeking partners to support the needs of our employees and so far we have invited over 400 employees to receive vaccinations through these efforts. We are formally participating in a partnership with six other school districts for employee vaccinations through PIH Whittier Hospital and, next Monday, March 1st, 200 employees will receive their first dose at the East Valley Health Clinic right next to Villacorta Elementary. 

Employees who expressed an interest in participating will be provided with information from Dennis Bixler, Assistant Superintendent, once we receive the information. If you’ve requested a vaccine via the survey, watch for an email from Mr. Bixler with VACCINE in the email title and then follow the instructions provided. This changes rapidly, so monitor your email regularly. 

Vaccine Specific Information
General vaccine information, may be found on the State of California website at:
How and Where to Obtain Vaccine:
State Website for Vaccinations-very user friendly!
The State of California has developed a website open to all California residents:
Kaiser Permanente members: Instructions from Kaiser
Start at My Turn You’ll be matched with available vaccination locations in your area, including Kaiser Permanente facilities, vaccination hubs, and other sites. If you choose to get vaccinated at a Kaiser Permanente facility, you’ll be redirected to our appointment services.
County by County Information
Orange County residents and workers:
Riverside County residents and workers: (includes information on the actual vaccine to be administered):

San Bernardino County residents and workers:
National Pharmacies
Walgreens: redirects to




Decision Pathway

Employee Updates
FFCRA Leave Request Forms
Coronavirus Employee Illness Leave Request Form:
Family Care: Coronavirus Leave Request Form:
Current LA County Department of Health Order of the Health Officer - October 2020
Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools
Exposure Management Plan

RUSD Cal OSHA COVID Prevention Program Plan